Code of Conduct

Feed Our Democracy is an organization dedicated to the belief that the backbone of democracy is an active citizenry, and a fair and just one.  We ask that you review and agree to this Code of Conduct before hosting a Feed Our Democracy event.

  1. This group is intended only for those who support a free and open democracy and equal rights for all.
  2. Feed Our Democracy expects anyone representing our organization to be non-discriminatory, to conduct themselves ethically, and to respect others, regardless of whether or not they share our views.
  3. Feed Our Democracy is a Public Benefit Corporation. As such, we can hold both partisan and nonpartisan events.
  4. We ask that while you are representing Feed Our Democracy, you identify yourself as a member or representative of Feed Our Democracy by putting our logo on any invitations, and using our #MeetEatActivate hashtag and tagging us @FeedOurDemocracy on any social media posts.
  5. Please do not post photos on social media of anyone without their permission.
  6. All groups are to be treated equally by those representing Feed Our Democracy.
  7. As a host of a Feed Our Democracy branded event, you acknowledge that you are the sole host, responsible for any and all payment or damages and that you assume all legal liability for your own event.
  8. Feed Our Democracy will be held harmless for any damage to your person or property while you are representing our organization, hosting or attending a Feed Our Democracy Event.
  9. While representing Feed Our Democracy, please follow all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Feed our Democracy will not be held responsible for any illegal and/or criminal activities while you represent our organization.
  10. Your participation as a host in a Feed Our Democracy event connotes your acceptance of these policies.

Code of Conduct

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Feed Our Democracy, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation registered in the State of Delaware.