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Postcard Party to END THE SHUTDOWN

Wondering what you can do to help end the partial government shutdown?  You can make yourself heard in a big way by sending postcards to your representatives telling them to refund the government and END THE SHUTDOWN.

 This Activation Kit contains everything you need to host a Pot Luck and Postcards Party,  making it easy for you, your friends and neighbors to write to your lawmakers, give them a piece of your mind, and be heard.  Right now, we’re focused on how we can help END THE SHUTDOWN, but you can host a postcard writing party to contact your representative about any cause that matters to you.


What’s a Potluck & Postcard Writing Party?

The name of this party says it all: gather people together to write postcards to their lawmakers about a cause or upcoming vote that’s important to them. In this case, you’re telling your representatives that you’re tired of  this shutdown and want them to end it now. 

Your representatives represents YOU, and sending them postcards is a great way to make sure they know what you think.  Postcards have been shown to be more effective than emails  or even phone calls to let representatives know their constituents are paying attention.

Why the Potluck?  Well, it’s supposed to be easy!  And what’s easier than having friends bring food and drink to share?

Inviting Guests

You can right click to copy and use the graphic here for your invitation.  Add your own customization – date, place, etc – to make it yours.  Or sometimes we like to use Paperless Post’s free invitation flier, simply add your own date/time/place for the party to the invitation.  Make sure your invite is set to private and share the invitation link with your guests.  READ MORE