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How to Host a Save the Environment Party

So you want to Save the Environment but don’t know where to start?

Lately, the reports on the state of our environment have not been good. The recently released National Climate Assessment  painted a bleak picture, coming to the conclusion that Global warming is affecting the United States more  severely than ever before, and that the risks of future  coastal flooding, crop failure, forest fires, droughts and more— could cost the United States billions and deeply effect our health and well being.  But don’t despair!  You can make a difference by hosting a Save the Environment party with your friends and neighbors to help raise funds or awareness (or both) around the environment.

Here are downloadable materials and specific suggestions you can use to host your own Save the Environment Party, to get you and your community psyched and ready to take action to (literally) save the world.

What’s a Save the Environment Party?

Saving the Environment means a lot of things:  addressing global warming, light and sound pollution, ocean and air pollution, endangered species, protected lands, sustainability, and so much more.  Whichever aspect of saving the environment you choose to focus on, this kit will give you the tools you need to host a party with lasting impact.

Choose Your Focus

Like we said, Saving the Environment is a big job.  There are many ways to approach making a difference through your Feed our Democracy event.  You can:

  • Raise funds for environmentally sound candidates. The League of Conservation Voters has a scorecard to help you know which candidates are most likely to support environmentally sound policies. (the midterms may be over, but the elections of 2020 are sooner than you think)
  • Write Postcards or Call either your local or federal officials about environmental issues that matter to you. You can use our Postcard and Calling party Tool Kits as a guide.  Citizens Climate Lobby helps you find the names and numbers of your local elected officials and provides scripts to guide you in making calls or writing cards.  
  • Do a Craft – Kids care an awful lot about the environment.  So if you’re including them in your event, consider making crafts using upcycled materials.  You can find some great ideas here, from our friends at AlphaMom.