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#DayofAction: Refugees Welcome Activation Kit


Ready to observe National Constitution & Citizenship Day?  We’re so glad!  Your event, big or small, will be part of a larger, national #DayofAction on September 17th,  promoting an active citizenry and celebrating our country’s values.

This Tool Kit is here to help you join our #DayofAction and to #MeetEatActivate on September 17!

What’s a #RefugeesWelcome Event?

America is a country of immigrants. From our diversity comes our strength. Every day, thousands of people from around the globe seek to join our great democracy.  One of our greatest American ideals is that we are a land of opportunity, open to new people, and new ideas.  A #RefugeesWelcome Party helps make refugees and other immigrants feel welcome to this country, and helps them get started on their new American life with hope.

Inviting Guests

You can copy and paste this graphic for your invitation. We like to use Paperless Post’s free invitation flier, simply add your own date/time/place for the party to the invitation.  Make sure your invite is set to private and share the invitation link with your guests.



Your Event

Choose one of the following #DayofAction activities to make a difference in the lives of recent immigrants and refugees.

  • Write welcome notes to families. The Multifaith Alliance has a ready-to-go postcard writing kit for Syrian refugees you can sign up for here. A great activation for all ages.
  • Write your Representative to demand action on the immigration crisis. PostCards for Peace has downloadable postcards already addressed to your representative
  • Create Welcome Kits with necessary items to help recent immigrants and refugees settle into their new homes. Your guests can bring items with them, and you can create the packages at your event.

These organizations all accept donations of various items – from hygiene kits to snack boxes.  Contact them directly to see what they might need. Or contact your local Immigrant or Refugee center to see what they need.  World Relief, an official partner of the Department of State for over 40 years,  partners with 5,000 organizations around the globe.  Find one of their offices near you here.  Or try one of these:


Download some nifty Feed Our Democracy and #DayofAction printable event decor here. We’ve got designs you can use for tabletoppers, cupcake toppers , stickers or buttons to help make your event feel pulled together (and look awesome on social media!) 

The Ask

Writing notes or collecting supplies is a fantastic way to show your support.  But should you and your guests want to offer financial support as well, you might consider asking them to donate to the organizations you’re serving.

The Details

Register your event -By registering your gathering, you help us all keep track of the impact we’re making together, one #FeedOurDemocracy event at a time. 

  • Read and agree to our Code of Conduct.
  • Use the hashtags #DayofAction and #feedourdemocracy and tag @feedourdemocracy on social media.



You’re participating in the democratic process and making a difference!